the only thing worse than your otp dying

is half of your otp dying

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"BOOKER DONT DEWITT" is the funniest joke i have EVER told

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have you ever been following someone for a while but they’ve changed their url, icon, and theme so many times that you literally have no idea who they are anymore but you’ve been in mutual follow with them so long that it’s unacceptable to ask

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Minju Kim , The H&M Design Award 2013

Minju is a designer from South Korea who is now in her final masters year studying fashion at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. She won the H&M Design Award 2013 with her BA collection titled “Dear My Friend”, inspired by Japanese Manga cartoonist Junji Ito. The inspiration may be fantastical, but the work that went into the collection was incredibly serious.

Described by Kim as “happy, brave, love”, the collection - aptly titled Dear My Friend - explores the relationship of colour, plays with texture and infuses traditional elements, such as Japanese illustrations on leather.

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cute habit?? probably

I want to die

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